kenapa jadi begini ;(

Sampai hati awak ...


Hari ni anis nak story ckit pasal anis.. maaf pada yang terasa .. anis x tulis crita ni bkait rapat ngan sesapa .. anis jatuh hati kat someone yg da lama kejar2 anis .. xtau mcmana bleh ade prasaan tu ag .. kdg2 anis pon xpham .. nak dipendekkan crita,anis memg suka dia .. tp ade 1 hal anis xcke .. die tiba2 berubah .. knape awk jd mcm ue ea ?? sampai hati awk .. thanks utk semuanya .. 

knape awk layan sya mcm pmpuan murahan .. sy ingt awk x mcm ue .. sy tau dulu sy jahat, sy nakal, tp npe awk bleh pertikaikan cinta sy pada awk? knape sy perlu pertaruhkan badan sy utk awk? ape salah sy pada awk .. sy nak berubah jadi baik .. sy xkn ulang kesilapan lama sy ue .. utk ape sy trus sesat jika jalan Allah ade depan mata sy .. saya rindu awk yg dulu .. awk buat sy menangis ;(

masa ue anis direct msj BFF anis .. ngadu pasal pkra ni .. then, dia ajak bncg kat luar .. mlm ue kami lepak kat muar .. bincg ape yg perlu anis tau .. Ya Allah, byk dosa yg aq da lakukan .. anis minta maaf .. bukan niat anis utk mainkan perasaan lelaki .. anis jd mcm ue sbb lelaki cke mainkan perasaan anis .. anis bukan kaki jantan .. anis just cke bkwan je .. salah ke anis nk bkwn .. knape perlu ada dgki  pd anis .. anis anggap korunk sume sbgai kawan, knape perlu ade dendam dalam aty korunk .. anis minta maaf pada yg cke anis, yg anis xlyan .. anis bukan mudah utk bcinta .. anis x cke bcinta main2 .. anis nk satu perhubungan yg serius .. anis sygkan Allah ..

semakin hari, semakin sedih .. mcm2 dugaan dtg .. anis ni hina sgt ker ?? knape perlu anggap anis mcm ue .. klu salah anis, bgtau jela .. anis akan bkwn ngan lelaki ue bila dia x sentuh mengenai seks .. ble lelaki ue da mule menyayah, anis akn pergi trus dr dia .. tu prinsip anis .. ag1, klu memg btol cke kat anis, jmpela ibu and ayh anis .. anis redha akan ape yg akan blaku .. tp skali laki ue bhong anis, anis xkn pcya lelaki ue smpai ble2 .. anis pon harap anis dapat lelaki yg baik2 , yg dpt trima anis seadanya .. semoga segalanya dipermudahkan .. amin ..


I miss you


Aq da janji jd aq kne tepati .. dia berbisik di telingaku, jangan tinggalkan aq ye :) .. dan aq jawab ye .. entah knape, kerana dia aq tade perasaan kat lelaki lain .. skrg baru aq sedar jodoh bukan milik kita jd aq teruskan hidup untuk capai cita-cita aq .. sebagai seorg teman, sahabat , sudah semestinya akan merasa sedih bila orang kita syang bersama org lain .. bagi aq, kesedihan aq sudah tamat .. dan skrg, aq kne blaja bgkit semula .. sedih sgt .. kerana aq kuatkan hati, aq jadi seperti dulu kala ..hari2 aq bahagia tp hati aq menagis kesedihan .. aq xnk lari lagi .. kali ni aq nk hadapinya ..

setiap kali berhadapan dgn die, hati aq berdegup kencang .. tangan aq menggigil kesejukan .. masa tu aq nak menangis depan dia .. Ya Allah, betapa aq rindu akn dirinya .. sbb dia aq jd seorg yg kuat .. aq nk kuat mcm dia .. redha dgn segala kegagalan dan percaya Allah sentiasa  ada bersama umatnya .. kini, hati aq tertutup utk semua lelaki ..klu bleh aq nk tgu dudanya .. tp aq fikir baik aq blaja btol2 dan sambung blaja kat luar negara .. kerana itu yg terbaik utk aq melarikan diri .. kerana cinta, aq tewas .. baru aq pham ape artinya cinta .. cinta aq hanya utk kaw seorang .. 

Allah menciptakan manusia berpasang-pasangan .. setiap manusia ada pasangan .. jadi hargailah dia yang ade di depan mata sbelum terlepas mcm aq .. 

-aq pasrah, aq redha-
-tiba masanya cari teman pengganti-

Tonight, I let myself fall ;(

This is me .. love let someone I love the most go and now I'm feel worse .. GOD forgive me :( I have to because they're not mine anymore .. that night, I'm crying and  crying and crying .. my study messing and I let my tears fell down .. all night, all day I'm crying .. what should I do to make you be mine .. and now, I'm gone .. oh ! my world like dizzying and I take my pill so finally I feel a sleep .. hey dear, I'm dreaming about you .. why your face like that ?? why you look so dumb and sad .. are u okey honey?? but it is a dream .. In my real world, I can't say that to  you , I can't touch you anymore because you belong to someone .. hey dude ! I miss you .. I want see you and say I miss  you .. why you leave me ??

and I said Astagfirullahalazim .. don't be like this anis .. you shouldn't say that .. let them go .. just go on with your study .. and then, I had fever almost 2 weeks .. I miss you .. I have bought something for you .. here ! a gift .. wow ! I can belief I bought you that .. In my life, I've never bought gift for a men .. hahahaha .. first time dude .. I hope you like it .. and we're best friends forever right ?? and so .. I will always love you as a friends :)

My name is Nurul Anisah bte Ngadiman

Love is killed, smile is antidote

smile can cure any disease and make our life brighter ! yuhuuuu .. make your life beautiful because it can make you more beautiful .. think positive and be more open minded .. don't stressed your life and make a healthy life .. by the way, my name is like I typed there .. In malacca, they call me anis while in Johore, they call me nisa .. I prefer use both name so u all can call me whatever as long as it nice to heard .. My life is so complicated .. my principle, don't bother  your study with your personal problem .. put away your personal thinking when study .. let it flew through the air .. make your life simple and nice :)

as a human, nobody can regardless from problems right ?? same with me .. so many problem have, so many conflict have and I feel like want to die .. Astagfirullahalazim .. quickly express  yourself if you think about that .. tested that given by Allah is for our goodness .. He want us learn how to life in difficult way .. every problems have it own solution .. Alhamdulillah, I can through it with iman .. that is my strength .. Allah is the Great .. 

Anis..... some of kindly simple name which means soft but behind there has its high strength .. to be someone like me is not easy as people can see .. no one knows my problems .. they only know when I told them .. my friends always call me 'sayur' because I'm quite soft enough .. people bullied me as they like .. so do I care ?? they can do whatever they want do but when my patience more than the limit, here you go .. you will regret .. hahahahahhaa .. 

I love making friends and travel around the world .. If I have much money, i want travel one Malaysia and I love Paris .. Eiffel Tower is my dream .. but I know, I can't go there as reason I'm not feeling well .. there's something I keep  a long time ago .. what I know, I want make everyone proud of me when I was gone .. hey girls ! I miss u all damn much .. lets set a date u all .. don't forget me k .. I will miss them inside of my heart .. because of them I still alive here ..

anis is my nickname .. nisa is my nickname too .. I love that name .. I want be a good girl ..for you, I'll survive .. I hope you will happy then :)

-missing miss-

When I Be Someone :)

In this world, I was born in a good family .. my mom so fierce, my dad so kind .. I'm grateful born in this family .. when I was small, my life not as rich as now .. but my dad never disappointed me with his eager want his family life easily and happy .. I love when my dad pamper me since I was young until now .. mom and dad are my everything .. when someone told bad about my family, I'll punch them .. they deserve that kick from me .. I had that idiot thing  happen .. sorry for those who got punch and slap from me .. serve your right ! when I was in standard school, my friends like insult me .. they always said I'm a chicken seller .. so, am I care ! as long as it is HALAL against ALLAH'S rule ..just go to hell with your stupid statement dude ! finally what he get from me, a slap from me with full of my energy .. hahahahhahahaa .. I love when you look surprised .. so cute you know .. like chic ! 

when I was in primary school, urghhhh ! I hate my primary school .. doesn't like it !!!!!

now I'm study in University .. Praise to Allah, I be a student again .. thanks to my parents always pray for my success and I'll make sure they will proud of me one day with my graduation .. huuuaaaa !! I love them much3 ... no boys, no love, no cry .. I want be myself .. daddy and mummy, don't forget to search my Mr. Right .. hihiii .. I hope our life will be happy forever and ever until Jannah .. Insyaallah .. and I will be a good daughter of En. Ngadiman and Pn. Hasimahyon ..