... wish u were here ...
I wish u were here with me today, tonight, tomorrow, now and forever .. I have waited for you for the longest time and I wish we will had happy ending .. I don't know my feeling towards you .. I don't know why I eagerly want you .. It is I'm crazy of you ?? I don't know .. I'm confuse right now .. What are your feeling towards me ?? Am I that u love ?? I really love you .. But I can't tell you .. I know u love somebody else .. 
From now, I'll always waiting for you even one day I'll hurt .. I always pray that u'll be mine  one fine day .. I wanna be happy with you forever until Jannah .. U know my heart always  want u be my side .. make me smile is your passion .. When u don't pick up my phone , answer my messages, I feel lonely , lost and sad .. Why should I had that feeling ?? I don't understand about this feeling .. I couldn't find the answer ..
Hope is my last wish .. hope that u'll find me in your heart sooner or later .. I'll wait for you .. someone that I love deep in my heart ..