My name is Nurul Anisah bte Ngadiman

Love is killed, smile is antidote

smile can cure any disease and make our life brighter ! yuhuuuu .. make your life beautiful because it can make you more beautiful .. think positive and be more open minded .. don't stressed your life and make a healthy life .. by the way, my name is like I typed there .. In malacca, they call me anis while in Johore, they call me nisa .. I prefer use both name so u all can call me whatever as long as it nice to heard .. My life is so complicated .. my principle, don't bother  your study with your personal problem .. put away your personal thinking when study .. let it flew through the air .. make your life simple and nice :)

as a human, nobody can regardless from problems right ?? same with me .. so many problem have, so many conflict have and I feel like want to die .. Astagfirullahalazim .. quickly express  yourself if you think about that .. tested that given by Allah is for our goodness .. He want us learn how to life in difficult way .. every problems have it own solution .. Alhamdulillah, I can through it with iman .. that is my strength .. Allah is the Great .. 

Anis..... some of kindly simple name which means soft but behind there has its high strength .. to be someone like me is not easy as people can see .. no one knows my problems .. they only know when I told them .. my friends always call me 'sayur' because I'm quite soft enough .. people bullied me as they like .. so do I care ?? they can do whatever they want do but when my patience more than the limit, here you go .. you will regret .. hahahahahhaa .. 

I love making friends and travel around the world .. If I have much money, i want travel one Malaysia and I love Paris .. Eiffel Tower is my dream .. but I know, I can't go there as reason I'm not feeling well .. there's something I keep  a long time ago .. what I know, I want make everyone proud of me when I was gone .. hey girls ! I miss u all damn much .. lets set a date u all .. don't forget me k .. I will miss them inside of my heart .. because of them I still alive here ..

anis is my nickname .. nisa is my nickname too .. I love that name .. I want be a good girl ..for you, I'll survive .. I hope you will happy then :)

-missing miss-

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