When I Be Someone :)

In this world, I was born in a good family .. my mom so fierce, my dad so kind .. I'm grateful born in this family .. when I was small, my life not as rich as now .. but my dad never disappointed me with his eager want his family life easily and happy .. I love when my dad pamper me since I was young until now .. mom and dad are my everything .. when someone told bad about my family, I'll punch them .. they deserve that kick from me .. I had that idiot thing  happen .. sorry for those who got punch and slap from me .. serve your right ! when I was in standard school, my friends like insult me .. they always said I'm a chicken seller .. so, am I care ! as long as it is HALAL against ALLAH'S rule ..just go to hell with your stupid statement dude ! finally what he get from me, a slap from me with full of my energy .. hahahahhahahaa .. I love when you look surprised .. so cute you know .. like chic ! 

when I was in primary school, urghhhh ! I hate my primary school .. doesn't like it !!!!!

now I'm study in University .. Praise to Allah, I be a student again .. thanks to my parents always pray for my success and I'll make sure they will proud of me one day with my graduation .. huuuaaaa !! I love them much3 ... no boys, no love, no cry .. I want be myself .. daddy and mummy, don't forget to search my Mr. Right .. hihiii .. I hope our life will be happy forever and ever until Jannah .. Insyaallah .. and I will be a good daughter of En. Ngadiman and Pn. Hasimahyon .. 


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