Tonight, I let myself fall ;(

This is me .. love let someone I love the most go and now I'm feel worse .. GOD forgive me :( I have to because they're not mine anymore .. that night, I'm crying and  crying and crying .. my study messing and I let my tears fell down .. all night, all day I'm crying .. what should I do to make you be mine .. and now, I'm gone .. oh ! my world like dizzying and I take my pill so finally I feel a sleep .. hey dear, I'm dreaming about you .. why your face like that ?? why you look so dumb and sad .. are u okey honey?? but it is a dream .. In my real world, I can't say that to  you , I can't touch you anymore because you belong to someone .. hey dude ! I miss you .. I want see you and say I miss  you .. why you leave me ??

and I said Astagfirullahalazim .. don't be like this anis .. you shouldn't say that .. let them go .. just go on with your study .. and then, I had fever almost 2 weeks .. I miss you .. I have bought something for you .. here ! a gift .. wow ! I can belief I bought you that .. In my life, I've never bought gift for a men .. hahahaha .. first time dude .. I hope you like it .. and we're best friends forever right ?? and so .. I will always love you as a friends :)

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